Customize or create your own B3 theme

Editing theme code

What is a theme?

A theme is a collection of files that control the layout and appearance of your website. Most of the files that make up a B3 theme have the extension .liquid, and are known as Liquidtemplates. Aside from Liquid, B3 theme files also contain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

All themes come with build-in settings that can be easily adjusted in the theme editor. The built-in settings include the ability to change make changes to the font, the colors, the layout, and the content of your online store.

To make more in-depth changes to your theme, or to make changes that aren't available in the theme editor, you will have to make edits to your theme code from the Edit code page.

Get started

After choosing a theme, you can make customizations in two different ways. The first is to change built-in settings for your theme, by accessing the theme editor. The second is to edit your theme code, by accessing the Edit code page. The first step in both cases is to navigate to your Themes page in the admin.

View the theme editor