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How to pair a bluetooth printer with your android device

Steps how to pair your Bluetooth printer with your Android device.

Step 1 - Android Settings

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth has been enabled on the device by going to "SETTINGS" and making sure that Bluetooth is ON.

  2. Turn on the printer by toggling the power switch.
  3. On the device, look for the printer in the Available Bluetooth Devices list in the "SETTINGS" app. Tap on the printer when it comes up, and the devices should pair. If it asks for passcode try 0000 or 1234
  4. To confirm successful pairing, you should see that the printer is "Connected" in the Bluetooth Devices list.

Step 2 - B3 For business Settings

  1. Once pairing is complete, navigate to the Wolf Partners app
  2. Open the B3 for business app and click the menu (☰), and tap on "Printer Settings"
  3. Tap "Search for devices"
  4. If your printer is paired with your device, the printer will appear. Tap on the device and standby. Once connected you will see a message "Printer successfully connected"