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About the B3 Servers

B3 Servers 

B3 has servers in France and UK, as well as back up servers at AWS. We use our technology to host quality B3 sites that are viewed globally.

Most of your website information will be stored locally via a Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

About content delivery networks (CDNs)

CDN stands for content delivery network. Using a CDN means that your online website will load quickly around the globe, despite the B3 servers being in Europe

Short delays for images in your website

Using a CDN means that all of your online website images are cached at thousands of servers around the world. When you make changes to your images, B3 informs the CDN that the images have changed. To do this, B3 uses the asset_url filter, which automatically appends version numbers to all of the urls it generates. For example, a version number appended to the end of a url might look like this: ?v=1384022871.

If you link to an image without using the asset_url filter and upload a new version of the same image, then the image on your online website might not change to the new version for a day or more.


We are pleased to state that our server up-time is 99.8%. This means that B3 sites are live 99.8% of the time!

As an Internet company, our main priorities include maintaining our servers and making sure that all data can be retrieved and restored in the unlikely event that any of our servers get corrupted.