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Product Variants

You can add variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as color or size. Each combination of options for a product that you sell is a variant of that product.

For example, you might sell a t-shirt with two options, such as size and color. The size option might have three option values: small, medium, or large. The color option might have two option values: black or white. A variant from these options could be a small, black t-shirt.

You can add variants on the Add a product page when you are creating a new product, or add or edit variants for an existing product at any time.

To add a new variant to an existing product:

  1. From your, click Products.

  2. Click the name of the product that you would like to add variants.

  3. In the product information page, find the Variants section:

  4. In the values field, you can add or pre-select readymade variants values.

    Once you select the variants click save to create the variations of your product.

  5. Now you can add price and weight on the variations of your product.